Hall Press is dedicated to publishing the latest news, views and information about health and medical 3D printing. In the last several years not only has 3D printing come of age with affordable printers in the home and for business, but bioprinting (biological printing) has made many advances in the research labs as well.

Modern scientists, researchers and doctors have turned to 3D printing to solve all sorts of medical problems including constructing exact replicas of hearts, livers and other human tissue needed for surgical planning and medical training.

Organovo 3D Medical Printer

While the printing of replacement body parts using actual human cells may be a few years away, much emerging 3D printing technology is headed in this direction. Researchers are working on printing customized and personalized drugs and designer medicine, replacement skin for burn victims, prosthetic bones used in facial reconstruction surgery (which has already been accomplished) and other uses.

Futuristic look at 3D printing a human heart

Another use of 3D printing in the medical community which has already been accomplished is the low cost, customized and personalized additive manufacturing of prosthetic arms, legs, hands, fingers and feet for children and adults. Animals have also been the benefactors of 3D printed prosthetics as well.

3D Image of a Scaffolding for a Human Ear to be Printed

So, if you think this is science fiction, the fact is, 3D printing for health and medicine is science fact that is coming of age. The medical uses for 3D printing is growing by leaps and bounds and there is no slowing it down now!


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